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Digital Marketing course in Kolkata

Digital marketing is the future even though traditional media will continue to be relevant. It is important to learn about digital marketing for any person who is serious about a career in marketing. SEED Academy in collaboration with Cambridge Marketing College, UK offering international Digital Marketing course in Kolkata. This 20-hour certificate programme provides adequate introductory knowledge to the participant for appreciating, understanding and applying the fundamental concepts of digital marketing.

There are a number of relevant trendy topics that will be introduced in this course ( across the modules)  with various degrees of details. Those could be further pursued through our specialist courses in future. Examples of some of the topics are

  • IOT
  • Digital transformation strategies
  • Data Analytics and Visualisations
  • Gamification
  • Marketing technology
  • Controversies and how to tackle them – Privacy, Chatbot etc

The content will be provided by Cambridge Marketing College and the participants will receive a certificate of participation which will be issued by Cambridge Marketing College. The classes will be conducted by Mr Atanu Ghosh, BE(Jadavpur), PGDM(IIM) who is the visiting Professor for Digital Marketing at IIM(Ahmedabad) and XLRI. Atanu is also a sought-after digital marketing strategist who advises several client organizations in this field across variety of industries.

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